Volunteers work in Kenya involves participatory learning with children, babysitting, cooking and feeding, helping the younger children to learn how to use the toilet, maintaining hygiene, assisting the older OVCs with their homework, administration and community outreach work as may be requested among others.
One of the most wonderful opportunities that working with the children can give you is the chance to share your love and skills with OVCs. Many volunteers have deemed the work life changing. By offering attention and love to the children, you are making a real difference in their lives. Whether you have a background in childcare or simply enjoy sharing love, a smile can offer something meaningful to the life of the children deprived of love and care.
In addition, the dialogue and interaction with local staff provides an opportunity for you to share ideas and build morale. In some placements you will quickly pick up on the daily routine while in others you may need to be more creative in coming up with ideas.


  • To offer support and care for the orphans and vulnerable children
  • To develop their psychological and moral sense of belonging and responsibility.
  • To create a platform for volunteers to mentor the children and offer them cross cultural exposure
  • To provide an opportunity for the volunteers to offer educational support to the orphaned/vulnerable children
  • To enhance access to healthcare for the OVCs


  • Helping the children in conversational English and assignments.
  • Supervise the children to clean and dress up.
  • Cook and feed the children
  • Design, teach, organize and play games-educational and environmental.
  • Baby siting
  • helping the younger children to learn how to use the toilet
  • Administration and community outreach work
  • Painting


  • Airport pickup
  • Travel Insurance
  • Volunteers Certificates
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Doing Placements
  • Teaching all volunteers about African culture
  • Kenya orientation

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