Every child deserves shelter, food, education and emotional support. For this reason, Mount Kenya Volunteers is collaborating with local organizations in Kenya to provide at-risk or street children with an education and a safe and healthy environment.

As a volunteer in Kenya in the street/at-risk children project, you will brighten the lives of these children and decrease their chances of falling into threatening situations such as starvation, inhumane labor, theft or the sex industry.

Volunteers help to protect, educate, support and provide friendships to these children so they may live normal childhoods and grow into healthy and productive citizens.

Local organizations urgently need your help to drastically enhance these children’s quality of life. This is the perfect project to truly make a difference, play with children, immerse yourself into Indian culture and explore a beautiful and exotic country.

Skills and Qualifications:

No specific qualifications are required to join the street children’s project in India. However, interested individuals should have a passion and eagerness to help less fortunate children, as well as have a strong personality to deal with these children’s often-unfortunate situations and demeanors.

Volunteer Responsibilities and Impact:

As a volunteer in the Street Children Project in India, volunteers work with schools and nonprofit organizations 4-5 hours per day, Monday through Friday. Depending on individual skills and interests and the needs of the local staff, daily activities may include:

  • Teaching basic English, health, math, science or other subjects
  • Teaching computer lessons
  • Providing daily care to children
  • Helping prepare and serve food for children
  • Teaching children life skills such as gardening, business skills, painting, building, sewing, etc
  • Leading creative extracurricular activities such as games, sports, art, music, dancing, etc
  • Accompanying children to and from school
  • Helping to ensure the children are healthy
  • Providing love and attention
  • Watching over the children
  • Making children laugh
  • Teaching children about the world
  • Promoting fundraising activities
  • Assisting local administrations
  • Helping plan events and excursions


  • Airport pickup
  • Travel Insurance
  • Volunteers Certificates
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Doing Placements
  • Teaching all volunteers about African culture
  • Kenya orientation

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