We are a private organization that has experience in volunteer work in many countries of the world that include France, Tunisia, Ivory Coast, South Africa. We also boast of a wide experience in tourism in Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and South Africa. Our Kenya volunteer experience and devotion is unmatched. Our director has worked with projects to match street children, teaching in rural schools working in game parks and environmental fields. Our Programs grow cross cultural awareness, understanding and global citizenship. We provide cultural immersion experiences achieved by living and working with local people, communities, organizations and families. Our volunteers are only engaged with our local partners.

Mount Kenya Volunteers is registered in Kenya as a Voluntary and Community Development Project. MKV is a non-profit, Non-Governmental Organization started to empower the youth socially, economically, encourage and improve the quality of life in the Kenyan communities. We are Kenyan based-Organization working with the local communities, Organizations, and volunteers to participate in voluntary work in the country.  Mount Kenya Volunteers offices are based in Nairobi Kenya.


Our mission is to change the face of Africa through volunteers We believe in the future of a better world which can be changed through those who volunteer for humanity and global trotting in culture experiences.We are resourceful in providing volunteer experiences and responsible in caring for every volunteer form the first time he/she enters the country to the final day of departure. Our main aim is to connect global communities with the aim of supporting the needy through internships, education and charitable work.


  • Volunteer as a group
  • University Interns
  • Medical Campaigns
  • High school youth and students
  • Holiday Break Volunteers
  • Tourism Volunteers
  • Corporate and businesses
  • Families
  • Professionals
  • Individuals


  • Airport pickup
  • Travel Insurance
  • Volunteers Certificates
  • Accommodation and catering
  • Doing Placements
  • Teaching all volunteers about African culture
  • Kenya orientation